SCP DS3 issue - PS3 controller not recognized by Windows 7
As of recent, I have been using my ps3 controller to play most of my games (and emulators) on my Windows 7 PC.  However, the drivers got corrupted while experimenting with my new ps4 controller and I have been trying like heck to get the ps3 controller to work properly. (I regret making this mistake and I am wiser for it.)  I was successful in pairing the ps3 controller with my IO gear 4.0 bluetooth dongle, but Windows can't recognize the controller in the "devices and printers" page.

I have included attachments that are screenshots from my "devices and printers" page (PS3.jpg) and "SCPMonitor+" (PS3(1).jpg).

When I installed the drivers to replace the corrupted ones, I went into SCPdriver as admin and checked only the "configure service" and "bluetooth" boxes (of course after uninstalling the ps4 drivers that caused this whole mess).  Somehow the bluetooth drivers did not install with this method, so I was able to use zadig to install the bluetooth drivers.  I've been told that Windows 7 has the xbox 360 drivers installed by default, so I did not install those drivers manually.

This is my setup:
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
IO gear bluetooth 4.0
i5-4690 Intel 3.5 GHz
8 GBs of ram

Any help is appreciated with getting this frustrating mess sorted out.  Also, this is my first post on this forum, I'm glad I found this site.

Many thanks, blackhawk709

If there is a solution that already exists on this forum that fixes this issue, please link it below.

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Cool, thanks.  Sorry for posting the thread in the wrong section.

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