SCP DS3 issue with 2 controllers
I have 2 DS3 controllers connected to my computer, both USB, both drivers are working and both recognized by Windows. However when I install the SCP drivers, only one controller works flawlessly. And the player 1 light lights up on the controller that works, however on the other controller there's no lights at all (and its Xinput emulation doesn't work either), all its native functionality is also disabled, like games that natively support DS3 won't respond to the controller anymore.

I hope this can be solved quickly because I'm having friends coming over in a few days for 4 player games.

Related images:
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[Image: 32b9ac1eec.jpg]
[Image: 67856e0e92.png]
[Image: f2769bd3dd.png]

If there's any other information I have to give, I'll do it.

UPDATE: The player 1 light keeps flashing on the second controller, it still doesn't work however.

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Three weeks ago I invited my friends to play 4 player games too.
I have 4 DS3 and I use SCP drivers in bluetooth and I didn't get any trouble.

Before installing SCP have you ever used any other driver like motioninjoy or betterds3? If yes, maybe this is the problem.

Anyway I recommend you read the first post of the official thread and view all tutorials (details and comments) from Wiltshire videos on youtube.

The video tutorials for SCP DS3 are:

Check if you are using the latest version, wich is
To make sure, don't forget to download and install the driver package and apply this update.

Before I have installed mine I read and watched all these videos and it worked like a charm.

Good luck and good game!
How to unpair controller onto bluetooth? Let's say I have 2 computer. 2 bluetooth on both computer. Only 4 controllers, now if I have 4 controllers bluetooth onto 1 of the computer and I want to bluetooth it to the other computer.

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