SCP Driver and SCP Server not working correctly
Hi guys,

I've never had an issue with SCP before and has worked perfectly with every PC I have installed it onto. Last week I had to reinstall my Windows 8.1 installation due to an incident and now I'm trying to get my DS3 to work correctly.

I downloaded the SCP driver package and placed it in a folder called SCP in my C:\ drive so the path is "C:\SCP\ScpServer".
Next, I plugged my DS3 into the PC and let windows install it's default drivers. It now shows up as PS® Gamepad (see screenshot).
[Image: NFjl3up.png]

Following from that I started up the SCPDriver.exe and (without clicking force) clicked install. The install ran through and on the output gives me the following:
[Image: TpXfqm6.png]

The full install log can be found here:

I then rebooted my pc (with my DS3 unplugged) and opened SCPServer.exe like I usually do. I proceeded to plug my DS3 back into the PC in the same USB port and instead of the usual response I got:
[Image: gu2kSXQ.png]

None of the buttons can be mapped using Lilypad or another other program. The input doesn't get picked up by any games and the Devices page still shows the controller as PS® Gamepad. This was working on my last installation and now isn't working.

Note: All my windows drivers are up to date and all my other device drivers are up to date. I made sure that everything was installed correctly before trying this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Anybody got any input on this?
(07-26-2015, 04:17 PM)Proxima Wrote: Anybody got any input on this?

You never want to use the C:\ drive as a base for stuff like this since you'll run into all sorts of permission issues.

Uninstall and move your installation to a folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\ or better yet in your user folder.
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