SCP Driver with a PS3 gamepad

This is the forum which popped up first when I googled 'scp driver forum' so here I am. If it's the wrong place, please redirect me to where I should be, it seems to be extremely hard to find any forum or info about these drivers and my problem.

I have 3 xbox gamepads and one for PS3 (connected via USB). I couldn't use my PS3 pad while playing on Steam, so I downloaded SCP driver (Scpserver), installed it and it seemed to work at first. PS3 pad was lit as the first pad, and xbox pads were numberĀ 2, 3 and 4. But when I disconnected the PS3 pad and tried using solely xbox pads, they didn't work as my computer still somehow recognized the PS3 pad as the first one... Now I can't play anything without it and I cannot uninstall te changes. What can I do?

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