SCP Drivers, Xbox 360 emulated controller disabled
Well, I had a ***** day.
My friend brought his new Logitech controller to test out to my house and ***** around with it. Problem is, player 1 in Dirt 3 will always be the first one who connects the controller. SCP drivers always had the Xbox 360 controller emulator on even if the DS3 was not connected.
I disabled it in devices and printers, restarted the computer. And tested the logitech controller.
When I tried to reenable the Xbox emulated controller, it was not there, not in device manger, Not in "Set up usb game controllers" I purged the drivers with the tool included, reinstalled xbox 360 drivers, restarted the pc, and reinstalled the Bluetooth and ds3 drivers. I even purged the registry of anything talking about "SCP" and "XBOX controller"

Its gone. I rather not reinstall windows 7 for a driver.

Anyway to reenable it?

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