SCP Toolkit Setup For Older Games (D - Input)
Hey guys, this doesn't necessarily have to do with PCSX2 but more to do with the controller program SCP Toolkit, I am hoping someone may know the ins and outs of the program here as I am dying to use my old PS3 controller while playing old PC games if it is possible as I am sick and tired of buying cheap ass controllers and them breaking down on me all the time.

Tried setting up SCP Toolkit and it seems everything was working fine until I went into the game that I was trying to play, I doubt any of you have heard of it, but it's a thing called Tomb Raider Level Editor, it's a thing that was released way back when Tomb Raider 4 was released in around the year 2000 or so, can't remember since it was so long ago. Anyways there's a website where I play custom made Tomb Raider levels made by people online, it's pretty rad and if you are a old skool Tomb Raider fan like myself, you should really check it out. It's all legal BTW in case anyone thinks that it isn't.

Anyways, I was able to set up SCP Toolkit and most of the buttons were responding with the game, but some were not, but they are important buttons that I need while playing the game (L2, R2 and the D-Pad buttons are not working) but everything else is.

I know there are 2 inputs while playing games on PC which is X-Input and D-Input, don't ask me what they mean cause I ain't no expert and not much of a gamer TBH, I only really play Tomb Raider Level Editor levels that people make, but I do think this problem has something to do with the TRLE needing the controller to be D-Input so I can use the D-Pad, not sure why the L2 or R2 buttons are not responding but I hope someone may know here.

I heard from someone on the TRLE forums and they were able to set up the controller successfully to play with TRLE, hopefully I will hear back from him soon on how he done it but it doesn't hurt to get some more opinions and help and that's why I am here. Hopefully someone may know what's going on here and why these buttons are not responding with the game.

Can anyone here help me out? Thanks!

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Anyone have any idea why this is happening for me?

I waited for a long time to hear back from that person in the other forum, but never did.

Would sure appreciate the help if anyone knows here.

I am basically trying to set my PS3 controller to be DirectInput so I can play the older Tomb Raider games, like I explained above, some of the buttons are not responding with the game.

SCp toolkit has been deprecated for long, and almost no one uses it anymore.
Dshidmini or steam do a better overall job
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