SCP package problem with BT connection [ solved ]
Hello everyone,
thanks for all for any tips or help at the start
first question is bt connection isnt working because of using dongle in notebook not in usb port? Im using this one in Asus K55VM if that helps.

So i installed SCP package via ScpDriver unfortunately without bt drivers because my dongle isnt supported. So i installed BT drivers throught zadig like u see:

[Image: 25f3vc9.png]

and after reboot in device manager :

[Image: dm32gp.png]

I enter to SCPMonitor and everything looks fine,

[Image: 1zn20ed.png]

but when i unplug my ds3 nothing happens, just reserved.
Why ds3 cannot connect via BT with pc ?

And also ScpService log
2014-09-11 11:16:03.214 ++ Notify [Removal] [{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}] [\\?\USB#VID_054C&PID_0268#5&5A33BF9&0&2#{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}]
2014-09-11 11:16:03.250 -- Device Removal [00:26:5C:22:8A:E0]
2014-09-11 11:16:03.293 -- USB Device : HID_Worker_Thread Exiting
2014-09-11 11:16:39.254 ++ Notify [Arrival] [{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}] [\\?\USB#VID_054C&PID_0268#5&5A33BF9&0&2#{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}]
2014-09-11 11:16:39.256 -- DS3 Arrival Event
2014-09-11 11:17:14.124 ++ Notify [Removal] [{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}] [\\?\USB#VID_054C&PID_0268#5&5A33BF9&0&2#{E2824A09-DBAA-4407-85CA-C8E8FF5F6FFA}]

Thanks !

i had old motioninjoy drivers and after unistall and reinstal scp it working well

to any with problem with bt unistall everything connected with ds3 :]


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