SCPToolkit and Atari Retrolink Problem
Hi -Nefarius

Fantastic tool - took quite a bit of testing but I have it working like a champ! Rebuilt the PC and used an imaging tool to clone the base image to a second/identical drive to test-retest-test-retest until I got the install process solid!

Win7x64 PC has lots configured - all working!

2x8bitdo SFC30 via Bluetooth using dedicated BCM20702 pluggable controller (

2xXbox 360 wireless controllers pairing to Microsoft USB wireless receiver 

2xPlaystation DS4 wireless controllers pairing via SCPtoolkit against a second BCM20702 pluggable controller (

That said have 1 issue that I cannot solve.
SCP seems to grab my Atari Retrolink controllers ( and reclassify them as Xbox 360 devices - not good since JoyToKey program fails to recognize more than 4 of them.

Question - is it possible to configure SCP to leave this USB wired device alone and leave it as it was configured originally?

I have tried all sorts of combinations and settings and still can't get it to work!

BTW I am running latest stable release - not beta (had issues getting that to work in my config so stuck w stable release which works great)

To be clear windows sees all 8 devices OK - so it is all running right, just want SCP to manage just the 2 DS4 controllers and not them + Atari wired devices too.

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