SCUMM for ps2
Is anyone doing this?

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In all honesty, I've never understood the niche usage the PS2 port of ScummVM is supposed to fill. The PSP version serves the obvious purpose of making the games portable. The PC version is the best in terms of control and compatibility. The PS2 version is just like the PSP version, except you can't take it with you. So unless your PC is incapable of emulating games designed over twenty years ago. I can't see the point of the PS2 port besides 'I'm doing this because I can'.
good point, thanks.
I may have misunderstood but seems SCUMM works at game's level... I mean, porting game by game, not what is expected from an emulator which is meant to run all games as they come.
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The point is indeed "because they could" Tongue2
Oh, yes. Basically, the Scumm engine used for various Lucasarts games is somewhat incompatible with modern hardware. So ScummVM, a cross-platform emulator which runs Scumm-based games, was created. It even runs titles such as Beneath a Steel Sky.

Basically, you shouldn't bother trying to get Scumm games working natively, even on PC. ScummVM bypasses a lot of the buggy behavior and hiccups caused by increases in PC performance since the games were developed.

There's no point porting a single scumm game to PS2. Instead, you install ScummVM, then copy the from the original CD/Floppy into it. (Some games can even be downloaded legally for free.)
I'm a big fan of the whole "because I can" mentality. I love to hack and modify things like my gaming consoles, and in particular with my original Xbox and Wii, I've installed so many homebrew applications and emulators, and while I can do nearly everything those applications can do better on my PC (with the exception of backing up my Gamecube and Wii discs), it's still a cool feeling to take something originally intended for one thing, and get it to do something completely different. Tongue

EDIT: Crap, I just realized this was a major necropost. Tongue
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