SD Gundam G Generation Wars (J) [HOWTO] best config.
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Hello,first i want thanks Team Pcsx2 about Amazing emulator in world for ps2
and Big Big thanks from Kuwait here Biggrin and I'm new here and Fan SD Gundam series Smile and i want to share my config for best game ever Wink.

- download pcsx2 0.9.6 from here

and now my config Laugh
[Image: sdgundam.jpg]

enjoy. Cool

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Quote:2- SD Gundam G Generation Wars game ISO use
3- bios use

The forum staff don't support or condone piracy or even allow any talk of it in this forum. You agreed to this with the rules when you joined this forum. Games must be dumped from a CD/DVD you own and the bios from a physical PS2 you own. Please do not post things promoting piracy again in the future.
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q8fft: I know you're just trying to help but it is in our rules, sorry.
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