SD generation gundam seed
Hi i was wondering anyone here is trying to play this game on pcsx2 and if their game was working. If it is, what kind of configuration and plugins did u use to make it work as i am having trouble with this game (which i loved alot). I tried finding the compatibility status of this game on the pcsx2 homepage but cant find this game being registered. Thanks in advance.

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I don't have this game but I have SD G Generation NEO and it runs on my PC with default setting. There are some problems in battle screen when I use support in the attack.
Lol Neo i am able to run the game but always hangs at the press start button page. And the game isnt mine , i borrowed it from a friend but now ya...lost contact with him and i used 0.9.5 to play it.
PC Specs? Settings?

Try the latest beta, try changing your plugins specially sound.
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