SDL input creating a problem with my controller
I have a inalambric controller of the brand unitec, it's a really simply controller that imits a ps2 controller and it's not hard of use, you just connect the usb connector and then the pc detects the controller, in control panel appears under the icon "game controllers 32 bits".

The problem is that it has an issue with this emulator (I use the latest version), the emulator gives you 3 options for controller, Ximput doesn't detect it, Dinput let me configure it but when I use it in games I can't move at will nor with pad direction or joystics.

So the only viable way is to use SDL input which works fine, problem is that when I activate this option the controller becames useless to everything aside the emulator itself (I found it happens with Dolphin too) I don't understand why since other emulators use SDL input but they don't damage my controller performance.

The only way to correct it is reconecting the controller, but as it happens every time I use SDL input this becomes bothering.

Other thing that I notice is that when this happens, the pc detects that there are 2 controllers conected and the emulator detects the controller 3 times.
I don't use steam or DS4, I just connect the usb part and the pc reads it, so at this point I dont know what to do in order the emulator don't mess with the controller.

Mi pc have Procesor AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with radeon graphics 3.90GHz and I use Windows 10 and the games are Isos.

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