SEVERELY disoriented picture. Help?
So i am a fairly new user to the whole pcsx2 program, but got through the download stages and to the isos. I have successfully unpacked and ran isos, but with one problem, the picture on the rom is really messed up! i thought that lowering the FPS would help but it didnt :/ Can someone possible help me solve this or if my mac isnt compatible with PCSX2?


2.4 GHz intel 2 Dual
2 Gb 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
GMA X3100

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Your GPU (GMA x3100) is too weak and incompatible, and it probably happens because it doesn't have enough texture memory.

You can press F9 to switch to software rendering which should look better, but this will probably make it run slower.

Best advise: upgrade your computer, and if you can't and it's not a laptop, buy a graphics card.

just noticed you're on OS X and using ZZ OpenGL. PCSX2 doesn't work very good on macs right now, and zzogl is much less compatible than gsdx.

You probably can't run pcsx2 fast enough on your system with the vast majority of the games.
Quote:I have successfully unpacked and ran isos
Since Avih was kind enough to answer your question, we won't go further. That would become a much too suspicious thread.
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