SH: Shattered Memories: Spinning through the streets
I recently downloaded Shattered Memories and managed to actually get it working with the cutscenes and audio files, but a new game breaking issue has popped up and i was wondering if anyone had any solutions.

I have they keys mapped to keyboard, and randomly when I hit to move my camera, the character model will just start spinning uncontrollably and I'm unable to get it to stop nor figure out what triggers it to happen. It's not so bad until you get the the Nightmare runs, and then it becomes an issue. I double checked my mapping and it's all set up.
My working theory is that the analog is getting 'stuck' somehow with either a communication error or just stuck stuck though the keys themselves are not stuck. 

Any ideas are greatly appreciated! There are no other issues besides this one in the game, and I'm wondering if my fixes for the cutscenes are what's causing it.

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Quote:I recently downloaded Shattered Memories
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