SLES 82009 Metal Gear Solid 2 - camera bug
I was playing and everything was ok, but at the first part of the game on the ship my mission is to take some photos. Usually when I a photo is ok "Snake" says "good".

-Snake says nothing
-Otacon is not approving the photos, as if I was shooting a wall
-read many walkthroughs and I finish the game on a console (old times), so I know the right positions of taking these photos, I also saw a video on youtube, am not doing anything wrong

My opinion is that this game use some kind of image scanner and maybe it is not seeing the right colors so he cannot approve the image and I cannot continue

Any ideas?


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This has been discussed before numerous times. Switch VU0 (or VU1 don't remember which one) to superVU
[Image: newsig.jpg]
1.000 thanks Bositman not only it worked but also it goes faster now,
I never changed these settings I didn't know what they do
This should also be fixed with current SVN builds anyway
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