Hello people!

I am a complete beginner with emulators. Digital Devil Saga is the third game I will(would like to) play after P3:FES and P4.

After experiencing the crashings with the PAL version I immediately searched up the forums for some help but could not find any exact solutions, or if there were any I could not decipher them.

My question would be the following: Are there any solutions that could help me play the game without the crashing problems? If there is, could someone tell what kind of plugins/configuration shall I use?

As for my PC it's a dual core machine with Vista(DirectX10) and I could play the previous 2 games without serious problems(apart from the floor bug, or some slowdowns at certain enemies).

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We're still not too sure what causes the hangs, but we're working on it.
For now you'll need to test older pcsx2 svn builds, to find one that works.
And you might not have much luck either ><

So unless someone knows a specific pcsx2 version that works..
Well thanks for the reply, maybe I will try some of those older builds. If I am lucky someone will get it to work in the meantime.
Try this thread if you haven't already:
It may work for DDS as well.
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