SMT: Nocterne - Hanging at second scene
Using the most recent version of PCSX2 on Windows 8, the screen blanks out after the opening scene of SMT: Nocterne. I can hear sounds and I think there is a menu going on because I can select stuff, but I can't get past the scene. I thought it might be a problem with my iso, but it seems that this problem has come up before in 2010:

Is there any settings I can change to get it to work, or version of PCSX2 that aren't four years old to use, or anything like that?

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Try software mode(Press F9).
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Software mode works! The game runs like ***** though, I'll try some stuff out however.
Toggling to software mode and then back again to hardware also doesn't help?

Do you use DirectX9 or 11? Maybe the problem is solved in one of both. You can also test OGL.
If this problem can not be solved by gsdx(hardware) and you can not live with the software renderer you can also look for ZeroGS - an outdated but still working alternative to gsdx.

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