SMT: Nocturne
I appear to be stuck at the top of Kabukicho prison. After beating the snake boss, you go inside his back room for a scene, then the room on the right for another, then you leave back into the hall with the 4 prisons for another scene, and presumably after this you're done. But the save point things won't let me leave, the option to teleport is greyed out on both terminals, and it's impossible to leave on foot because the mirage world doesn't exist anymore. Would be grateful if someone could point me to either the magic setting that needs changing or the magic room that I've somehow missed, I'm using 0.9.6, the latest stable one I think, thanks.

EDIT: Ugh nevermind, seems there was access to a stairway to return to the first floor, even though the path appears blocked on the map. Still seems odd that I wasn't allowed to teleport anywhere though. Apologies for the forum clutter.

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Using a walkthrough for this game is no shame at all in my opinion Smile. I wouldn't want to play it without one, it is way to difficult for my taste. So: You're welcome^^.
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