SMT: Nocturne Game-stopping Issue
I'm having a serious issue which is preventing me from progressing in the game. After I talk to Chiaki in the Shibuya club and fight the Nekomata who gives you information about the Assembly of Nihilo, I return to the intersection and the Setanta who is suppose to be there doesn't appear. Is this a bug, or is it possible to do something wrong in the game to make this happen?

(Just to note, I am not using any speedhacks)

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Probably something you're missing in the game, difficult to know if there's a bug if you don't post your settings tho.
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You are supposed to go to the Amala Network. Just go to the save point for the cutscene. Not a PCSX2 problem at all.
That's the problem, nothing happens when I go to the save point, and I'm guessing that it's because the Setanta isn't showing up in the intersection. I tried multiple times from a previous save, and even started the game completely over but nothing changes and Hijiri still doesn't appear at the terminal.

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