SMT Nocturne Ghosting Issue + Garbage Line
First of all, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne has a weird ghosting effect on 1.0 and the newer PCSX2 revisions. Using an older Gsdx plug-in from version 0.9.6 fixed the issue.

Older Gsdx:

The older plug-in re-introduces the shadow glitch but it's not much of an issue.

An annoying problem I do get though, is 1 or 2 pixels of garbage at the bottom of the screen. I tried to use the zoom function in the PCSX2 emulator settings but no matter what I set it to it doesn't zoom in or out. It's hard to notice the garbage line from these screenshots but it's really noticeable and annoying in full-screen!,2w5HxIs,A7I5JzP

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You can use software mode and yet shaders to try corrige the problem,after this will be conserted i think.
But remenber this is a emulator,cannot requires to much about some littles glitchs or errors,and pcsx2 continues go to better.

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