SMT Nocturne Ladder Glitch
So I am playing Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne and when I get to the Assembly of Nihilo there is a ladder that I am unable to climb down. I have tried different versions of the emulator and still am unable to climb down the ladder. I have tried with r4600 and 5085. Any help would be welcomed.

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show us your controller configuration.
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Its not my controller settings. I have climbed up and down ladders before never had an issue. Also when I go up to a ladder it has a pop-up saying press X to climb down the ladder. When I go up to the glitched ladder I don't have the pop-up.
Sorry, controller wasn't connected so it didn't give all the details it should have. Here is it connected.
Set the EE rounding mode to nearest or negative.
This is a known rounding mode problem.
Thank you that worked.
I'm a walking PCSX2 specific bug library!
(You're welcome, enjoy the game Tongue2 )
A question since I'm not sure if I'd remember this specific part when I finally get to replay the game on pcsx2, why not include it on the gamefix?
Done Tongue2
Nice, thanks! Laugh
I just ran into this problem myself, setting it to nearest or negative doesn't seem to be working.
Do I perhaps need to load an ingame save, or do savestates work fine? It still just displays ladder but not the descend icon.
If it helps, I am using PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600)
Hopefully I am not breaking any rules here by bumping this, the latest post is from Jan 31'st so :V
Er, nevermind. Turns out I was tweaking the wrong option...haha...

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