SMT - Nocturne ( Lucifers Call ) Graphic Problems
Hi ppl!

I got some Graphic Issues in the Game Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne ( In Europe its called Lucifers Call )

Im using the latest Build of Pcsx2 and the latest Beta Build of the GSDX Plugin, using Direct X9 ( But I also tried other versions og GSDX, same problem..^^ )

So ehm, first Thing and also the biggest Problem is that i got some crazy flipping ( dunno how to descripe it in another way ) black bar's in my game, they are like bouncing up and down :x

I can fix it bei putting weave tff/bff on, but then i got these stripes in the Game^^

And the other "Problem" ( Its not a big one ) is that the Shadows ( Mostly seen at the feed of the maincharacter ) are buggy, u know they are over the shoes, not under them^^

I got a Screenshot here, but only from the Shadow Bug, im not able to Screenshot these Crazy Bar's i cant see them on the Screenshots.

[Image: Fehler1.JPG]

Btw: Im using the PAL Version of Nocturne ( Lucifers Call )

Windows XP Professional SP3
Intel Core┬▓Duo E6850 @3,0ghz
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT @512mb
2GB DDR3 RAM @1333MhZ

Sorry for my bad english, im from Germany!^^

Best Regards, jeNova.

edit: Oh lol, i fixed the crazy Bulk bug now with using "PAL Mode" than NTSC Mode, but now the game runs slower with 50fps, if I set it on 60FPS limit now, is it too fast than? Im confused xD

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The first prob I think is just a result of that de-interlacing format. Try Blend-bff. It looks good whenever I play the game. The shadow bug is just that it's been there forever and it never bothered me enough to worry about complaining about it.
Thanks for your help.

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