SMT Nocturne - magatami wild activity
I found this when I play Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne - when I level up and the magatami acts wildly, the result is ALWAYS "you are fully recovered". There is no other options at all, including, you know, that you got cursed.

So this pretty much eliminated Cursed Fusion which can be very useful later in the game.

Anybody else has seen this? Can this be reported as a bug?

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I've got cursed in the game before, even got a couple cursed fusions. Is this in the pcsx2 0.9.6 release? maybe try the latest beta.
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yes, i ran it under the official release...

ok, i will try the 1888 beta...

also, the graphs are shaking and blinking when I used hardware rendering. Per the other guy's suggestion to my Persona 3 question, I tried it using software model, and it works pretty well...

So, Atlus was doing some weired ps2 programming there...
Are u rolling back to a saved state to get the different effect from the magatama ? This could be the case as to why you're always getting the same effect. And btw, only dark and neutral(maybe) magatamas can give you a curse. Dark magatamas are the blue ones, light magatamas are the shining ones and neutral magatamas are the green ones. Each class give you a different effect. You can get a curse more often from the dark ones.
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