SMT devil summoner [NTSC-U]
hi i am new Smile nice to meet you all^^
i would like to compliment all the ppl who created this emulator,great work really!
now let me introduce my problem:
pscx2 version: official version 1.0.0
plugins:all default except from 16x9 screen and start on fullscreen default.

the problem is simple,game crashes after some time i play.
well it usually happens to many games i played but with this one it happens always so i put it in title because i am sure it doesnt work.
thing is that i start playing,i am at beginning of the game,and i play like..i dunno 15 min? when in the middle of combat it freezes and the program doesnt answer anymore and i have to force-close it.
i tried to change graphical,audio,resolution settings but i got nothing out from it,it just keep crashing no matter what i do.
so i am asking what's the problem? pls help me Smile thx for everyone who helps^^ have a nice day Smile sorry if bad english.

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no one can help me? Wacko
did i poster wrong perhaps? if so i am sorry... but no one can help me with this problem? Wacko everytime crashes...
i searched for the problem but i didint find anything similar to my case,happens to all games i one can help? >.<
Sounds like your PC is either overheating or is unstable. Post your PC specs
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thx for the answer,ok lemme write it down...
intel core i3-2120 CPU 3.30GHz 3.30 GHZ (i guess 4 cores since on processors list it has 4 intel cores)
windows 7 64bits
NVIDIA Geforce GT 520 ah graphic card
NVIDIA high definition audio and realtek high definition audio as sound card
i tried various games and setting but still same effect.
i am using DIRECTX 11 hardware and native x2 to play. but still crashes. tried even sound settings like linear or changing the XAUDIO2 setting but same result. i dunno what's wrong i tried many things but with 0 results. what can i do to make it work properly? >.< thx for every help Smile if i need to write down anything else pls ask,i hope i wrote every detail you need ^^!.
Install and run this program while playing your game:
and after it crashes, check to see the maximum temperature it recorded.
Are you using any speed hacks? Also you could try enabling the EE timing hack in game fixes and see if that helps
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i tried with and whitout speed hacks if i am not wrong and even enabling the EE timing hack wich i saw on a thread. same result.
i will try using that program and report results
this is the screen of the program you told me to use when it crashed
PS:I took a screen of it right a sec after it crashed and before clicking to close the program

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ah i forgot,i use the PAD pressure mod for the controller since its easier to use and configure,you think it might be the cause of the problem? if not what could it be? >.<
The CPU temperature is fine. Does any other software tend to crash, too? Especially PC games?
no i don't have any problem with any game whatsoever...its the only thing that crashes with any game.
i tried directX 9 and 11,Xaudio2 and other audio,speed hack and game fix(the one suggested) but nothing worked >.< i dun understand why it crashes.

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