SMT devil summoner [NTSC-U]
oh yeah i also tried binary and installer versione but both crashes ^^" i dunno what to do anymore >.< i tried changing things,if i use the press PAD mod instead of lily is a problem maybe? or what could be? Wacko

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ok so here's the deal: i found out what wasnt working.
the pressure MOD (the other pad plugin that isnt the lily one) slows down the game itself in some points(like a sword striking an enemy) so i tried some things...
first of all i tried the keyboard wich worked splendid and went on over the crash points...but it was a little...well bad to play >.<.
so i tried the xpad pressure with my controlle with an old x-pad usb that i had ^^,i thought good to buy one XD,so i tried to crashes.
so i tried lily,this time it worked really well! so the problem was the PAD pressure plugin,take it out as a default one and fix it if necessary Smile (cause it could be only me that has experimented this problem).

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