SOCOM 2 Lan / Xlink Lag Issues
I'm using the newest version of PCSX2 and with the Dev9 plugin provided I can login to a LAN game using Xlink Kai. But when I join in the games it lags unbelievably and cannot be played. Though it looks very pretty.

Any suggestions? The only thing that seemed to help a little bit was changing packet capture from Winpcap to PSSDK but it was still unplayable

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Unfortunately, you'll probably not get much better. LAN play, as the name suggests, is designed for super low latency physically wired together systems. Trying to go through the internet depending on the internet and how far away the other person is, can introduce dozens to hundreds of milliseconds of lag where the game is likely only designed to handle in the single digits.

There are a few games that are exceptions to that rule, mostly those that us their online based code for LAN play, but for everyone one of those you'll run into another that just doesn't play well with it.
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