[SOCOM 2][SCUS_972.75] Bug & partial solution for FPS drop on certain maps
Bug: Various single/multi-player maps run slower than others. This also includes graphical glitches with text and images.

Cause: There is a function used to average out the overall brightness when a player enters a dark/bright area. When the brightness is changed the slowdown occurs. This seems to affect all maps that alter brightness. Several maps do not alter brightness such as "Frostfire" and experience no slowdown or graphical issues.

Solution: Disabling this "Adjust_Brightness" function eliminates the issue. The downside to this is the dark areas will not auto-adjust. Thermal scopes on sniper rifles will not work either due to no light adjustment.

Other: Issue goes away when using OpenGL/DX9/DX11 software mode. It only happens in hardware mode.

Disable Adjust_Brightness Function
2033CD68 100000DB

Results from the code above playing the map "Crossroads" on PCSX2v1.6 | framelimiter OFF | OpenGL hardware mode(same issue with DX9/11)
Without code: 48fps
With code: 160fps

Adjusted Brightness Variables [float value: 0.0 default]

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I want to expand upon you're render fix a bit

If you were to go down a few lines from the address for render fix , there is a jal instruction that can be nopped which will also fix the game speed while retaining player eye adjustment.
Night Vision and thermal also retain functionality

Note: This is to be used INSTEAD of using the first render fix
//Render Fix version2 (patch r0001)
2033CD90 00000000

//Render Fix version 2 (patch r0004)
2035A320 00000000

I also wanted to post your fix for updated versions of the game
Patch r0004 Render Fix
//Render Fix by Harry62
2035A2F8 100000DB
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