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Hello everybody, earlier I hosted a thread about getting SOCOM I to work, well, I got it to work flawlessly. All that was required was a simple "downgrade" to revision 4962 of pcsx2 0.9.9.

I create this thread because I would love to get SOCOM working online. I already have the gigaherz ethernet module downloaded and configured properly, to the point where I can actually see SOCOM sending out a DNS A request for a one "".

Therein lies the isn't getting an answer. The most immediate worry that came to mind was that they had taken down the SOCOM I servers, but on further research, I found that they are, in fact, still online (at least until august Sad ). So, what gives? Was that specific DNS entry taken down at some point? I also found that a CNAME of that address is (and it resolves), but unless there is some way to go in and patch the host string in the game (*cough* *cough* help *cough*), I can't fix this issue without jumping through hoops.

I can't use the hosts file (the first thing the DNS client looks into for an address), because of the nature of how PCAP operates (What the plugin uses to put packets out on the wire). It skips the DNS client, directly communicating on the line with PCAP, which poses a problem. I would have to locally point my NIC to a dns server on my computer with a cname entry to the new hostname, or its direct IP address (even better:

So, my question is, how would I go about modifying the host string contained in the .ELF? (I currently run SOCOM as an ISO taken from the original DVD itself)


*facepalms many many times*

The problem isn't DNS at all. The problem is the plugin. If I actually wasn't half blind, I would have noticed that the source IP address the Dev9 plugin is using is completely different from my actual public facing address.

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DHCP autoconfiguration of the ip address isn't working too well, and I believe it has to do with the fact that I'm not running a router in my network. It keeps autoconfiguring to an address I do not own, and when trying to set it manually (using the ps net setup disc) it refuses to send any packets, period. It will send one using dhcp, but only with the broken address.

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