SOCOM Series - HW settings?
A different thread for a different issue. Before we get to that, specs:

Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60Hz
Octo-core Processor (8 logical cores judging from Windows TM?).
16 GB Memory
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M <<< Laptop graphics
1080p monitor

Quote:Note that this is not a "will it work" thread, I can run other games like the Ace Combat series and BLACK perfectly fine on Direct3D 11 HW mode at 60fps using 2x Native resolution with no changes to EE Cyclerate or VU Cycle Stealing, and while I'm running the MTVU hack. So basically I run most of my games at around 1280 x 860.

Also, I'm not playing from my disks, I notice a bit more performance boost running it from it's extracted iso formats instead.

SOCOM is the problem here which I'm trying to optimize for HW rendering. I've checked all other SOCOM threads, tried their settings, but obviously my rig is different so not all of them work as well. All games run perfectly fine on SW mode, 60 fps no problem, but because it's not upscaled everything is pixelated, the AA doesn't help as much, and it hurts my eyes which I want to avoid doing unless it's the only way I can play this game.

For example SOCOM 2's first mission, first time loading into spawn and performance is at 70% at best, there's not even anything heavy on screen like explosions or whatnot.

I'd like to add there's not much of a difference using GSDX SSE4 over AVX2, framerate changes are minimal at best unless I'm not configuring emulation properly, and I'm really not an expert at all this, so now I ask you guys for help if you can assist.

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