SOCOM and Ethernet plugin support
Hey there,

I'm having problems with SOCOM Combined Assault (And the same in SOCOM 3). Everytime I try to create Network profile in the game a message pops up "hardware sce/ethernet is not supported or not connected".

I could create a profile in SOCOM 2, it worked there but in SOCOM CA and SOCOM 3 it's like the games don't recognize the DEV9 gigarazi plugin.

So does it mean that these two games can only be played online/LAN with Playstation 2 and are not supported with the PCSX2 ethernet plugin? Because I know they are possible to play via Xlink Kai with actual PS2. Smile

If it really is not supported now, will it be fixed in the future?

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Are you using the GIT builds?
All doubts regarding lan play should be asked here.
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