SOLVED, Black Horizontal Lines, F7, Graphical Issues, Entire PCSX2 Emulator, 1.6.0
I was having a graphical issue for the entirety of the emulator (all games and during boot) of many black horizontal lines. Running 1.6.0

The issue started when I booted up PCSX2 and pressed f3 to load save state. It loaded, and then glitched for a moment before introducing the lines. I rebooted my pc and reinstalled (though kept configuration settings). Switched between the listed GSdx renderers under Video Config.

Searched duckduckgo as follows: horizontal lines

Looked at images and found the problem replicated, post #13 gave me the answer:

This is a filter, I had accidentally hit f7.

I was in the middle of creating this post before solving the problem and figured I would share, just in case anyone else has the problem. I wish it was a little more obvious what had happened.

Maybe there should be a drop-down in the file menu of PCSX2 showing all the function key shortcuts so that people know what they do without searching hard. Or maybe a status indicator when f7 is pressed. Text that reads "FILTER 1 SELECTED". I had even tried pressing f7 during emulation to solve the issue at one point, before I had found the post. It didn't solve the problem at the time.

Anyway, sorry if this post is a bit of a mess I just hope it helps someone in the future. Thank you for the hard work and take care.

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This page exists: though you're not wrong; as most hotkeys are a little obscure.
I would recommend for you to open a github improvement idea ticket rather than trying to report it on the support forums.

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