[SOLVED] Emulation running at half-speed on 30hz display

I'm running Manjaro Linux (fully updated) on a computer with a Ryzen 3400G and a Radeon R7 350. I'm outputting from the GPU's analog output to an old 15khz CRT TV that can do 240p and 480i flawlessly. I'm setting up some different emulators on it and everything is working with no problems. 240p output is fine, 480i looks like it should.

When running PCSX2 on my regular LCD monitor connected over HDMI, it works fine, full speed, exactly as it should. When running it on my TV set to 240p, it also works the same way.

The problem is when using 480i on the TV. With this resolution the output is actually limited to 30hz, just like the PS2 works. The problem is that, when displayed on this screen, PCSX2 runs at exactly 50% speed. I can move the window between my two displays - my 1080p 60hz monitor and my 480i 30hz TV - and the game runs normally on the 60hz screen but runs at half speed on the 30hz one.

I have tried disabled the compositor and I have also tried to enable/disable AMD's TearFree functionality (currently running on the amdgpu driver), it makes no difference. I have also tried, with no success, to disable the 60hz display and leave only the 30hz connected/running.

I have faced the same issue with the DreamCast emulator but managed to fix it by simply disabling it's VSync option. On PCSX2 that option is grayed out (I can't change it) but it seems to be disabled.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this (or work around it) would be greatly appreciated.


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I've occured a similar issue a few months ago, might be related to yours: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/2952

TL;DR: Try to set vblank_mode=0 before launching PCSX2.

If this doesn't help, please post detailed system information and emulog.
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(03-05-2020, 10:12 PM)XXXBold Wrote: TL;DR: Try to set vblank_mode=0 before launching PCSX2.

Thank you very much, this was exactly it!

I'll keep this fix in mind for any other programs that run into the same kind of issue.

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