[SOLVED] Ico PAL cutoff issue
Hi everyone,
i have a problem running Ico (PAL), I'm using an almost virgin (i added the new SPU-Plugin) pcsx2, newest version from the website, PAL Bios 2.0. As you may know, Ico (at least the PAL-version) let's you choose the refresh rate on load. My problem is the following: When choosing 50 hz, everything runs great, but on 60 hz the entire lower half of the screen gets lost somehow. I tried to set it up yesterday already and failed miserably, i found a few threads mentioning exactly this problem but no solution has been given except for "use 50 hz". But those were mostly old threads and I wanted to ask if someone has fixed this problem somehow?

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Ah, I found out thar some people had similar problems on other games, it can be bypassed by choosing native interntal resolution choosing 2x, 3x or something from the dropbox (except for custom). But is some serious flickering going on the opening vid, is there a fix for this?

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