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[SOLVED]Metal Gear Solid 3 - Post Processing?
I played through the game on PCSX2 1.2.1 on September 2015. The post-processing was disabled back then, and there were some slowdowns and graphical issues (such as the black smudges on the ground due to issues with the blending). I'm coming back right now, using PCSX2 1.4.0 and I heard that post-processing has been fixed for the game, though I can't find any real confirmation or comprehensive instructions as to how to get it working. I read about toning down the CRC hacks, which I think is a step in the right direction, but the game now has some strange visual artifacts covering the screen, with only the top left corner looking normal. Is this just an issue on my side, or has this just still not been fixed completely? Or has it only been fixed in a later build? Thank you very much in advance. I will post screenshots and more info if needed.

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À récent build will be better. Need openGL and accurate blending to basic + CRC on partial
(01-21-2017, 12:12 PM)gregory Wrote: À récent build will be better. Need openGL and accurate blending to basic + CRC on partial

Yeah, those are my settings on 1.40, which is the latest stable build. Should I just get a newer build from GitHub? And if so, which one would work best?
The most recent would probably work the best since its the one with the most up to date changes.
[Image: dy6224-5.png]
Alright, I'll try out the most recent build and see how it works. I'll get back as soon as I've tried it out.
I just downloaded the latest build, and I tried installing it, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. It's just a bunch of folders. I tried looking for a readme, but they're outdated and most don't have anything to do with installing the build.
Oh... You downloaded from the branch.. I see. try a download from here
[Image: dy6224-5.png]
(01-22-2017, 01:33 AM)rikimaruaxu Wrote: Oh... You downloaded from the branch.. I see. try a download from here

Ah, I see. Yeah, I figured I might have done something wrong. Thanks for the link Smile
Alright, I've tried rikimaruaxu and gregory suggested and it works beautifully. It's a little slow at times, but not much slower than it was on the previous version. Thanks again, guys. Helpful and timely responses.
Just noticed that there is no "hardware depth" option in gsdx. Am I going to be fine without it? There's also some glitching with the depth of field in cutscenes, like there's something wrong with the depth buffer. It looks like it affects an object in one place, but not the other. It looks like a gas leak or something. It's fine in SW mode, though, which is unplayably slow. I can post screenshots if needed. Also, sometimes there's a glowing bright line of a random color on the right side of the screen. What would also be the best overall settings for the game?

EDIT: Never mind for all of this. It's easily fixed by enabling Half pixel offset in HW hacks. The game looks absolutely perfect now, and it's gorgeous and eye-opening to see it like this in full 1080p for the first time. I've never seen a program where it's this easy to troubleshoot before, and the best part is that I'm not even being sarcastic right now. Big props to the PCSX2 team.

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