*SOLVED* Orphis BuildBot Requires Browser Referrer for Download
Maybe this is an issue on my end with my (unique?) setup or some hidden browser thing or whatever.

The current Buildbot build is labeled as 'v1.2.1-639-gfa3db52' and the file name is 'pcsx2-v1.2.1-639-gfa3db52-windows-x86.7z'

I click the download link, but get nothing. Thankfully I found Blyss's awesome v1.3.0 beta builds and have been able to use that.

So my question is I know the whole stable vs unstable numbering system, but then why are buildbot builds still using the v1.2.x numbering system? Is that an oversight or done intentionally?

I'd love to be able for either Orphis or someone else (perhaps Blyss) with a built version of the latest bleeding-edge PCSX2 version as of Oct 2014. That would rock.

Thank you for your time. I did use search but all threads were either old (more than a month old), closed, or otherwise not applicable to this situation.

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I think we lucky we have working build bot, As I already complained about and reported the fact what numbering the build bot uses it not the number pcsx2 actual tells us. I honestly think the numbering system is mess, but i dont see it being fixed for the time being
The download works fine for me. Try grabbing it directly from http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php

I don't really know about the numbering system, but it seems rather superficial, so I wouldn't worry about it.
It's just labeled wrong on that site. It's actually 1.3.0-639. Ignore the 1.2.1 thing.

And the reason it's started at '639' again is because I think it's a GIT version instead of the older SVN releases. (SVN ended somewhere near the 6000 revisions, I believe it was 5932).
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I dont understand why they cant just put the "639" in the name of PCSX2.exe like they did before, or atlest put that in Title bar name and not that long number, this setup is terrible for end user if they trying to find where stuff went wrong.
TLDR Solution:
Make sure your settings in Firefox(based) browser is set to the ones under 'Default Settings' below. That's it. The Orphis BuildBot demands referrer info.

So I did quite a bit of messing around and I figured out the issue. I'm a bit of a privacy-conscious person so I disabled the 'referer' header in my browser. Problem is that for whatever reason the BuildBot site requires that information. I found a configuration that preserves some of my privacy and still gives strict websites the referer they demand to see.

Default Settings:

Changed Settings:
network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy; 1

Basically it sends a referrer, but it sends only partial information instead of the full 'URI' info.
Addons weren't the problem. It was specifically the referrer issue. You can safely change the ones under 'Changed Settings' without breaking the BuildBot downloads.

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