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[SOLVED] Running PCSX2 under Vista/7 from user account when UAC is DISABLED.
What's UAC?

Quote:Right click on pcsx2.exe and select 'Run as administrator' (Vista only)

Is not enough for default installation in Program Files catalogue.

[Image: th.296b03c168.jpg]

What is on that screenshot? It shows this operation:

1. Log on into your Administrator account.
2. Go to Program Files catalogue.
3. Press right mouse button and click on PCSX2 catalogue and select Properties (Właściwości)
4. Go to Security (Zabezpieczenia) bookmark and select Edit... (Edycja...).
5. Select Users (Użytkownicy (Marcin-PC\Użytkownicy)).
6. Put an "v" mark on Write (Zapis) under Allow (Zezwalaj) section and click on Apply (Zastosuj).

Now you can log out from Administrator account, log in into your user account. make shortcut to PCSX2 on your desktop then... click two times with left mouse button on it. Smile

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