SOLVED - Trouble with FFX International Cheat
So I'm using the "All 99 Items" cheat from my working .pnach file.

Quote:// All Items 99

It gives me 99 of each item which is great, however, in any screen but the Item screen, or when using the item in battle, it's not reflected.

For example, I go to the Items screen in the menu, and I have 99 X-Potions. If I then go to customize a piece of armor to have HP 20% on it, it shows the 8 I had prior to putting in the code.

If (once again), I'm in the Items screen, and I look at the number of Blk Magic Spheres I have, it shows 99. If I then go to the Sphere Grid to level up, and go to use a Blk Magic Sphere, it shows that I only have 6. Even if I use the item, the number will decrease to 5, and it will remain at 5, unless I use another one, which then decreases it to 4. Upon going back to the Item screen, it shows 99.

Is there something I need to do, besides just use the .pnach file, or is there another code that I should be using? Every other code that I've messed with seems to work, so I have a feeling it's an issue with the code itself.

Any input would be welcome and appreciated.

I tried using the cheat, saving the game, and reloading it. This fixed the issue, and allowed me to customize gear and giving extra spheres on the Grid.

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There is an excellent save game editor for that game in a pinned thread in this forum. You may want to look at it.

Editing the save directly has some advantages over on fly cheats (depend on what is being tried but...).

Be aware if you do a sstate save while a cheat is active it is fixed on the save and will not go even if you disable the cheat afterwards, what can be a problem. A normal save to memcard on the other side may preserve the change or lose it if the cheat is disabled, depend on if what was changed is part of the saved fields.
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FFX is known to have side effects from pnach cheats. Many threads have beenmade by those having dark screens being unable to advance. About a year and half ago I made one myself. Lesson learned the hard way.

The save editor is best bet for altering values. Don't forget to load from memory card to benefit from your alterations.
hey can i know this is old but can i have that .pnach file please
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