SOLVED - separate controller input from mouse input
Hello, I'm new to ps2 emulation, so sorry if I have a dumb question Smile

I'm using a dualshock 3 controller (using scptoolkit) to play my emulated ps2 game (currently the sims) on monitor 1. 
When I pause the game (ingame pause with the start button), and move my mouse on my second monitor to do some other stuff, the emulator takes this mouse movement as pad inputs and the game unpauses (start/triangle input) and inputs all different kinds of inputs (Triangle, R1, R2 and maybe others), causing the game to freak out.

So my question is:
Is there a way to make the gamepad controller inputs separated from my mouse? 

Now I hit esc to pause the game and do some stuff, and unpause the simulation again when I continue playing, but then it takes a few seconds to show the game again.
It would also be nice to be able to let the game play unpaused on my first monitor, while I check some things on my second monitor.

Ps: I play in windowed mode, not fullscreen. 

Thank you!

Nevermind, solved, I was being blind. Went to check my pad settings again, and had double input settings for Traingle, R1 and R2. one for the controller, one for the mouse which I probably accidentally moved when setting the bindings.

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