SOTC not running off disc (not specifically a pcsx2 two problem maybe)
Hi everyone. First time post, but I was searching all over the place for this and I'm either stupid or no-one's come across this.

I have ICO and SOTC hard copies in PAL (im using a euro rom) and I used ICO with relatively no problems. I changed disc to SOTC and now it won't even show up in Vista.

I'm thinking some sort of copy protection or other, as it worked fine in my (now defunct) ps2.

Any ideas? I don't want to rip the whole dvd unless I have to.

I know it's not specifically an issue with pcsx2, but I figured if anyone knew the answer it'd be you folks.

Thanks for helping a moron Wacko

Incidentally, I've noticed a possible bug on ICO too, but that warrants another thread I think. I'll keep looking about first, then if i don't find any luck I'll post something. One problem at a time Laugh

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Interstingly enough, it's working now. pretty good too, I'm averaging25+ fps with all speed hacks on, occasionally spikes at 35 or so.
One thing I noticed is that if I pause emulation for a moment and add another speed hack in, when i resume it i get 60 fps for a minute or so (and it is as smooth as that too), then frame rate dies again to 25-35 Sad
Still, it's working and playable, so I'm not moaning Laugh
Try getting the latest PCSX2 beta and set the "vu cycle stealing" speedhack to moderate on it for a speed boost.
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