Im not sure where to post it... So Ill post it here.

My specs are pretty good, so this shouldn't be the problem, either.
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Im mainly using the latest official BETA(?), v0.9.6 Build1888
For debugging-puposes Im using also my own Build 2092
Of course Im using my own BIOS ripped from my OWN PS2 with an Image of my OWN Game^^ (Just to make sure, that nobody flames about that-.-)

When Im playing SOTET and it comes to places, where you can destroy those walls/decorations/etc, the FPS drop rapidly to ~60%
It doesn't matter if Speedhacks are on or not. When Im walking a bit further, where those destructable things aren't seeable, the FPS goes up to ~180% again (with speedhacks up to 350%). Of course Im using latest GSDX.

So I think, PCSX2 or (most likely) GSDX has some problems with handling massive geometry data. Only solution is to set the resolution far beyond native, smth like 256x256, then Ill have ~100% FPS
But you know, I can't read anything with that resolution~.~

BTW: GSDX native mode is pretty buggy. Its even slower than 1024x1024 (which I prefer), which looks better.

Thx guys for programming this great emu. When the time comes Ill join you, promise Smile
You even managed to get Savestates working... This is really impressive!

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So your "Bug report" is it slows down in game but it's playable?

I've never heard of a SOTET game before either, and you didnt follow the How to use this forum, read BEFORE posting! thread... moving this out it's not a valid bug report.
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(10-30-2009, 02:42 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: I've never heard of a SOTET game before either

It's Star Ocean Till the End of Time.

As for the slow downs, I don't blame PCSX2 for slowing down since SOTET already uses too much in the graphics area. The game would have to process a lot of physics in the movement and graphics of displaced objects (gravity, vectors, etc.) so adding all that in with the already intensive graphics and PCSX2 has a lot to do. Don't forget crash detection to check and see if your character is touching the weird geometry of these objects compared to the smooth walls along the side.

Setting VU Cycle Stealing to moderate will help a little but you have to live with the slow downs until a new build comes along with new clean ups to make all the processing more CPU efficient. Have you tried Frame Skipping?
Thanks for moving.

Like I said, Speedhacks don't help a bit, when it comes to those slowdowns, they help when I already reach fullspeed. For stability Im playing without speedhacks (my PC allows me to do that)

Frameskip won't make that better, it just helps to get ~10% more FPS to reach fullspeed, but here I need ~40%! Besides, Frameskip makes the frames "jumping"
Gothic: what GSDX version are you using? The one I usually use (1398) has these massive slowdowns you talk about, but the latest build (20XX something) plays without any problem on my system.

(edit) Something I just realized (silly me) is that you can turn on progressive scan in this game by holding triangle and X when you start it up, really helps image quality as well.
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I'm also guessing you're using an old GSdx that doesn't have the slowness fix for these games yet.
Also, the new scaling options seem to cause that problem in a few places with a lot of graphic effects... which is a shame as the game looks beautiful with them on.
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