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Hi, is there a plugin that will let you disable certain parts of a game's audio? Some games doesn't have that option available as a config options. Notably, Star Ocean 3. Also, I know I can "turn off my speakers", but that's not what I'm getting at. Just disabling the music but keeping the sound effects and such.

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No such function exists that I know of.
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For many games there is such an in-game setting. Have you looked for that?

I don't know how sound is handled but I think the plugin only gets one audio-stream for all origins of sounds. Then it would not even be possible to kill the background music.
Star Ocean 3 doesn't have that option, unfortunately. Well, thanks for replies and for not saying "lol turn down the sound on ur speakers".
Well that's weird, most games have a FX Sound and a Music Sound option.
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