Hi guys. Here's the deal:

Playing trough wineskin that i install following the steps in that tutorial (*.snip.*). 

So, I am testing all games that I have, to see if they work. And then occur me, a ***** problem that wont let me sleep!

in LotR Return of the King, if i play with the GS Plugin Direct3D9 (Hardware) the text of the menus does not show! If i change to Direct3D9 (software) the speed slow down to 30%!!!!! 30fucking% is like try to play this ***** in a bloody typewriter machine! So, read in some Thread here that with plugin OpenGL (Hardware) I can play this crappy in full speed and with the mothafuckin text! 

Anyone know how the hell can I set a plug in that allow me to use the OpenGL (hardware)? 

I use an Macbook Pro (13,in, mid 2012) with Intel core i5 2,5GHz, 4GB RAM 1600MHz DDR3, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB.

I don't know a thing about Wineskin except what learn from the tutorial linked in the top. So, I google something and learned that I need a substitute for The DirectX9 library.

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that tutorial you linked is full of links to pirated materials.
If you followed it, just like you said, then it's piracy, and we don't allow it here.
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