SPS in Front Mission 4
Hi all,

I am trying to play Front Mission 4. It is "playable" in a Salvador Dali painting kind of way. I get major Spikey Poly Sindrome with this game, and I was wondering if anyone out there had been able to play without this. I tried both gfx plugins (see below). I am assuming there is a work around, only because I could not find a similar thread using Search.

There is also a bit of lag, but it's only the occassional 5-15 fps flux, certainly not game breaking.

Vista 32.
Core 2 Quad 2.83ghz
ATi Hd4870
4 gigs ram

PCSX 9.6
GSDX 962 (SSE4) * ZeroGs 0.97.1
PEOPS 1.9.0

I have tested with sound plugins off, both above gfx plugins, just about every check box in ZeroGs. I tried GSDX in dx9 & 10, all the options within those plugins. I tried changing the clamp modes in advance options too, always with the same results... Closedeyes

Aside from the spikes, this game is so much better looking on pcsx2 I can't go back to playing on my ancient ps2...I tried lol. Wacko

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Use the latest beta
Problem solved.

I just changed my first borns name to Krakatos. Happy
You know how lucky you are? We're observing these SPS for ages now, and just the moment you decide you start playing this game some random VIF change fixes it.. Laugh
(04-16-2009, 12:38 AM)rama Wrote: You know how lucky you are? We're observing these SPS for ages now, and just the moment you decide you start playing this game some random VIF change fixes it.. Laugh

Hehe, I know my posts would lead one to believe that this is my first time using pcsx, but I have been messing around with pcsx2 for a while, each build toying around with the settings and what not, always testing fm4 & tekken 5, giving up on messing with it, coming back a few months later... but this time I had a feeling somebody knew how to get it to work...

...I guess I am lucky after all. Laugh


So I have been testing the game out for a while, big improvement, no more spikey poly but the game is still having problems with shadows, leaving huge black flickering outlines around the models in game. Yeah, I know I am looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but is there another hidden fix I am unawares of for this issue also? It's nowhere enough to stop me from playing, just wondering...

Thanks again!

edit 2*

The Shadow problem is much smaller in zerogs, shadows flicker, but dont take up any abnormal size or burned look. The trade off is some portraits disapear in cut scenes. meh.
Zerogs seems to have a tough time handling the above mentioned shadows. I finally figured out where the lag is coming from, all-be-it minor, is particle effects like smoke.

I am wondering if there is any known work arounds for the crazy shadows or the lag from smoke. Anyone know?

Really this game is almost runs as well as ffx12 (flawless) on my pc now, with only those two minor issues.

...Dang, my hat is off to what you guys have accomplished so far. Pretty increadible really Cool


Found the shadow issue comes from resizing the game. Even if between standard windowed mode and full screen, or even just clicking the box around the image to move it. Sollution? Don't resize... or wait for fix Smile

Also discovered AA is killing the game when smoke effects are on screen. FYI FM4 fans. F6 in zerogs toggles all AA modes, set to "none" for cut scenes.
I'm trying to get Front mission 4 to work for me too but I can't download the beta... the link on the main page brings me to a " you can't access this page" in the forums and the links in the forums brings me to a god of war pic...

Is there something I'm missing? I use to be able to download it fine in previosu versions Sad
NVM, I guess its a temporary error Tongue http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-6814.html
tekn0mega....dude....I got exactly the same setup as you and I got no idea how you got it smooth O_O

PLEASE share some wisdom with me on how you got it smooth Sad
what are your settings?
have you tried the latest beta?
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