SPU2:  [Bug Report] Smugglers Run 1&2 (USA)
# PCSX2 version: v1.7.5014 on Linux EndeavourOS KDE, AMD hardware
# Emulation options: Defaults, Enable MTVU, Enable VU1
# Plugins Used: OpenGL, software
# Bug Description: Audio is reversed between the left and right channels. A vehicle at your 3 o'clock will sound as if it is to your 9 o'clock, and vise versa.

Bug appears in Smugglers Run 1, Smugglers Run 2, and Midnight Club: Street Racing. It is likely an issue in other Angel Studios / Rockstar games, but I do not have the means to test all of them. I verified my speaker output with a test audio file. I checked other PCSX2 games which do not have this bug. Finally, I watched a recent longplay on Youtube of Smugglers Run 1, in which the audio bug was clearly present.

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