SPU2-X 1.3 not working?

I'm trying to use SPU2-X r2207 1.3.0, but whenever I try to use the 'test' button in the configurations menu I get the "SPU2-X System Message: The driver test failed. Please configure different SoundOut module and try again"

The sound output I've tried in the configurations with Xaudio 2 and DirectSound and I get the same message.

Using SPU2-X 1.1.0 I don't get this problem with either DirectSound or Xaudio2.

Is there something I need to update? Everything else in PCSX2 works fine for me but this one plugin version.
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You need to update the plugin, r2207 is outdated already Tongue

SVN revisions dont really get support but you should at least try the latest when reporting bugs that are not there anymore.
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