SPU2-X Latency Below 40ms?
Is the 40ms latency bottom-out a limitation of the Linux version of the plugin? I see other users posting about wanting to get below a '15ms' latency limit, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it any lower than the 40ms that the slider in the plugin-configuration dialog shows as minimum.

I'm playing fighting games, and the 40ms sound latency is really distracting. I'm not getting any audio drops or anything, so I'd like to push the latency as low as it'll go before I start getting problems. Any tips?

Thank you for your help!

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Quote:Any tips?
provide a patch to fix the gui Wink
(04-21-2016, 03:27 PM)gregory Wrote: provide a patch to fix the gui Wink

I just had a look at the GIT to see if I could figure out how to do that (never committed to git, before), and I noticed that the most recent change to SPU2-X addresses this very issue, and that you were the one that fixed it! Thank you for your help, sir; I compiled and installed it, and sound latency is way better, now.

Have a good day!
Yeah.It was long overdue
Why is there actually a lower limit?
To avoid insane low value. Most user just set the minimal value
Necro'ing as this sub-forum is very quiet and this post is still on the front-page.

Along the same vein as the original question, why does this plugin default to 300? That seems incredibly high - assuming it's milliseconds. What sort of value is recommended on a high spec machine?
The value doesn't really matter if the sound is working fine. I just stick with 20ms as long as my sound isn't crackling.
The only time I have sound issues is when first going from one "area" in a game to another - which is when I assume it's loading from disk. The sound stutters badly, but only at that point. Increasing the buffer helps with this, but then has the issue of making overall sound latency worse.

Is there someway to combat that sound stutter when loading things/saving? (all the performance counters at the top, e.g. EE, etc are all well below 100%, often near 0% when loading. FPS seems to stay at 100%).
It's highly recommended to rip your disks to ISO. It will improve performance and eliminate stuttering.

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