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SPU2-X Proper Audio Expansion?
So to get proper Dolby Pro II should I enable it in-game and inside the plugin under audio expansion, or does it do it automatically.

Also If I enable Dolby in-game and select 5.1 in audio expansion will it generate the front channel from the two front side channels and move the lows to LFE or will it still try to expand the stereo data.

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If I remember correctly, you were supposed to select 5.1 as speaker mode in the plugin and also set the DplDecodingLevel setting to something.
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So then what is the audio expansion setting for, I thought PS2 games only ran in quadrafonic 4-channel at their highest setting, so I'm guessing that 5.1 generates the 5th channel from the front two? Also I'm using r5323 if there is any changes in that version that would affect how its supposed to be set.
this setting is an xaudio specific upmixing technique unless the dpl decoding level is set as well.
Ok now I get it, thanks for the help.
If you have a PL2 decoding AV then simply enable PL2 in the game and use normal stereo output in SPU2-X.
The AV will decode the surround information that is embedded in the stereo source.
And that will probably sound waaaaay better too. Though are there any game that uses DPL2 as gameplay surround sound? As opposed to just the sounds in videos.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Yep. We've debugged (and fixed a couple bugs) using Star Ocean 3 for example.
The game has a sound test where you can position an audio source around the listener.
It works properly with SPU2-X now Smile

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