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SPU2-X v2
(02-21-2009, 09:18 AM)Kein Wrote: Confirmed.
Here is the sample:

Ok, I'm getting the stray, loud sound when it shouldn't play anything here.
The ingame music is fine for me however.
I'll talk with jake about it Tongue2

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Can someone do me a solid, and post a FFXII memcard as an attachment here, so that I can check out the on-load-game censorship sound? Thanks.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Uhm, I think that's right at the beginning. So no need for a memcard save?
yeah that sample is from the beginning of the game, but if you want, here is a simple save (also at the beginning of the game)

Attached Files
.rar   Mcd001.rar (Size: 21,8 KB / Downloads: 315)
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the beep sound also comes periodically when you do nothing or have a screen on where lit. nothing happens
with a minute or so between the beep sessions (always like 3 or 4 fast in a row)

although I don't know whether or not this always happens...
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plz dont forget this

i get this error failed to init xaudio2 engine: 0x12f 69c do i lack something? i tested it with tales of abyss and wild arms 5

im runing windos xp sp3
About to report, this plugin in game dawn of mana i still doesnt hear music in game and in the meantime for this game i take peops spu2 1.9.0 plugin.
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Well I just downloaded the plugin from the first post about half an hour ago and immediately fired up PCSX2 with it active - and I must say well done. I have not run into any problems as of yet, but if I do I'll force myself to report here Tongue2

Sounds real nice. I'm impressed with the work you've made with the plugin.

I haven't noticed any slowdown with the Effects Processing option yet... But I guess I haven't done enough testing with it on and off (In fact I haven't even disabled it yet Tongue2).

One thing though, is it possible to get rid of the slight 'fffffff' (As I'd call it) in the background of music for example (Noise I think) ? I don't think any plugin has the noise eliminated as of yet though. But if you can eliminate the noise, that'll be awesome (Probably impossible though) xD
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Just wanna say thanks for the plugin, it's really good, I also compiled some older version before but this one seems to work better. The performance is also very good, it's like ~3% slower than ZeroSPU2 (using XAudio2 and disabling post-processing) but knowing how inaccurate ZeroSPU2 is that's nothing to worry about. Also I notice surround sound is working perfectly now, before I only got pretty much "stereo" sound with the other plugins and now the games also have some 3D positional sound. Especially good to compare with is RE4, big difference between Zero and SPU-X here as far as noises from birds, zombies etc goes which are all very well positioned with SPU-X while with Zero it's like they'd all come from the same channel.
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any fixes for beep sounds?
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