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SPU2ghz - Gigaherz's Spu2 Plugin
Any chance you can make PSX port, please? I really need good SPU plugin.

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i thought that ps1 emulators already have good sound plugins? maybe just google it.

i have a question related to SPU2ghz: what does the latency option do? are there any negative effects when i reduce it?
for psx I always use eternal spu
it's fast and really good^^
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(02-13-2009, 07:41 PM)ottoman Wrote: i thought that ps1 emulators already have good sound plugins? maybe just google it.
Theay are only three good SPU plugins. Unfortunately, none of them is good enough:
P.E.Op.S. has broken XA player, Eternal has broken effects and ePSXe Internal has too low frequency.
this plugin rocks ! the sound definition is very goood !! Laugh
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The reverb in FFX (NTSC) still does not get outputted properly (i.e. the music sounds flat), no matter which options I enable/disable.
Reverb does not work in any SPU2 plugin for now,but that's being taken care of as we speak Wink
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Quote:[09:05:00] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: Jake.Stine * r497 /trunk/plugins/ (113 files in 9 dirs): (log message trimmed)
[09:05:01] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: SPU2-X: Introducing the new SPU2-X! After some talk with Gigaherz, It was
[09:05:01] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: decided to branch and rename Playground's mod of SPU2ghz to SPU2-X. This commit
[09:05:02] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: isn't just a copy. It includes a series of significant revisions. The most
[09:05:56] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: notable features are:
[09:05:57] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: * Working Reverb. Yes, you heard right. Fully and completely implemented reverb effects!
[09:05:57] <+CIA-4> pcsx2: * Automatic 5.1 speaker expansion.
Yeah, as bositman says: it's was taken care and now implemented!
Yay for our insane coder Jake! :P
with this new plugin i have a little background crackling noise in FFXII, maybe my configuration is not good, but i've been trying others and nothing seems to change :\ the funny noises when characters walked are gone though

also, there seems to be a bug, if i tick any checkbox and save it and close pcsx2, next time i open it up the checkboxes wont be ticked, though the ini still remains with the correct value
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Lol, already reported

Also - yes, I can hear crackling in FF12 too. Btw, PEOPS SPU2 still sounds better for me, especially in FF12. Dunno why >_>

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