SRW Original Generations Issue
having a problem figuring out what the problem is, firstly, i'll say that there is no problem targeting enemy units and killing them, however when i end my phase and the enemy targets me, it crashes.

the game runs smoothly with no bugs (except the graphical background in the fight animation sequences, but thats bearable, it just has scan lines running through it)

i've been around the forum and somebody said in the patches thread to use GSDX9 11.1a or ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1, both which i have tried, it still crashes on the same spot, not to mention, that choosing those two has a reverse effect on the games graphics (i cant even see my own unit)

heres the problem and my current settings

hope someone can give me a hand =)

may i also add my computer is good enough to run this game as it runs SRWZ and G Gen Wars perfectly

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